Cannot Read Synopsis Because of Rotating Pictures

At the moment, I cant remember the theme I installed on my WDTV hub, but at the time I thought it was a great idea.

When I have the video file I am able to “get info” on the movie, download a few files (automatically) and when I view the movie I can see cover art, pictures, and a synopsis. However when I am looking at the movie, different pictures of the show rotate through the background behind the synopsis in white… Depending on the picture, sometimes you cant read the synopsis.

I had to refresh my memory on how I even added the theme to the box (I old did it once and dont remember how).

I noticed in another thread that someone mentioned changing the transition of the picture along with the time to 5 minutes… I wasnt sure if something like this could apply to my situation or if they were talking about another place in the WDTV hub menus.

I am also looking at trying another theme…

I want it to be simple (where I am able to get movie data quickly from the “get info” selection), so is there a way to tell if a theme will do this?

I keep seeing people talk about changing things around when using certain themes and I dont quite understand what they are talking about.



To Change the picture transition time:

This will probably help you out a bit if you don’t want the pictures changing in the backroudn while you read the metadat for a movie. From the main screen go to “Setup”, then “Appearance” and then down to “Screensaver Delay”. Change that to 5 minutes.


You should try different ones and find which suits your personal needs best. Im not sure what you mean by “changing things around”, but you may be refering to altering the XML code of the theme to have it look different, use different colors etc. There are some pretty in-depth threads on this board about how to make those type of changes if you want to get into the coding side of themes. Out of my depth on that so cannot help you. I will say that there are MANY excellent themes so you should be able to find one that you like without having to alter it.

Adding Themes.

On the HUB, you would download the them to your computer, and if it is compressed unzip it. Then just copy the theme’s directory, such as “CoCo” or “AEonish Hub” to your hub and put it in the directory “/ .wd_tv/ Theme”. Once you have done that, you can go back into the settings menu and choose the new theme under  “Setup”, then “Appearance” and then down to “User Interface Themes”.

Good Luck