Cannot re-save after making changes to a PDF

I’m trying to use the WD Mycloud as a shared drive. When trying to re-save and overwrite the existing file with changes, I get the following error:


(For future Googlers/searchers the error states: The document could not be saved. The file may be read-only, or another user may have it open. Please save the document with a different name or a different folder.)

This has happened with Windows 8.1, and 10 on my computer, and Windows 7 on my colleague’s.

Nobody else has the file open, just me.


Did you google that error?  There’s tons of stuff talking about that error with Acrobat…

The error does not occur when saving locally. As it only happens when saving to the MyCoud, I presumed that was where the problem lies.

EDIT: I just tried saving locally SPECIFICALLY NOT using the fixes for the Adobe problem I saw online (preview pane open, explorer window open etc.) and I cannot replicate the problem.