Cannot play mp4 that are downloaded from usb


I have had the HDTV Live Streaming media player for over 1 year. The purpose that we primarily use the wd box for on our TV that does not support WI-fi and does not have a USB port. I download lectures from HighTail previously You Sendit and have not  had any problems until recently. I continually receive a message now that states" Unable to playselected file". The format from my source has not changed and I can still play the USB download on my desktop and new TV in another room that has a USB port. The WD box is in our master bedroom and we would like the convenience of watching lectures again on this TV also that is what the box was purchased for.

WE have redownloaded the lectures, save the lectures in the all files format, reset the wd box, etc to no avail. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you!

So you can’t playback the files from USB attached to the WDTV either? You could link to such a video and/or paste Mediainfo’s text output of such a file.