Cannot Open WD My Passport External Drive

Sometimes my external did not detect, some time it does and if i try to open it hangs, now its showing the drive but if  open its empty, no files, there was password for my external, The light is on, sometimes its blinking also. There is vibration and sound too… All my files are there please help to get back the files, not bothered about the External HDD…

You can try using a data recovery software to get the files.

The partition appears to be corrupted which is normally what happens in this type of scenarios.

There are many threads on this community that talk about data corruption and retrieving files.

You can also search online for a data recovery software.

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External drive did not detcting in data recovery softwares. !

It take time to show the drive, first it shows 20 MB size, which is the size of Unlocker software. if we try to access the drive it get hang, after a long while it will show the drive and can access but drive is empty !