CAnnot map drive to My Cloud in Windows 10

So wd discovery added a Z: drive at the top level. using Bryan’s My Cloud Home Duo as the map name. However, unable to add any sub folders as a direct mapped drive (such as Personal)…even following the guidelines in the WD FAQ section! Tried manually adding \MYCLOUD-XXXXXX\Personal as a mapped drive, but does not find the MYCLOUD (XXXXXX are last 6 digits of serial number).

And I could not assign a static IP nor are there any settings I can configure manually.

Piece of garbage in my opinion, vs my old EX system. Returning pronto.

you cannot map anything in the private user space of the my cloud home. The only way to mount the private user space is by using WD discovery. The only SMB share the my cloud home has is the default public SMB share. This is intended for Windows backup and anything stored in this folder is not available in the discovery mounted drive, browser access, or the mobile app.

Yes it is a pretty crappy piece of equipment for the price. Liked my ex4 better. Discovery app is useless