Cannot login with ssh

Hello all,

I’ve enabled ssh using the page http://{MyBookLive}/UI/ssh of the dashboard, and sshd seems to be running, since I get a password prompt. However, when I try to connect as root, using the password provided on the page on the dashboard, I get a message ‘Permission denied, please try again.’ I also tried with the admin user and password (which I use on the dahboard) without success. I am able to make an ftp connection using the admin user and password. However, ftp does not work as root user and password.

Any ideas what’s going on?


You’re mistyping it perhaps?

The PW is


That’s a zero, not a capitalized Oh.

Thanks a lot TonyPh12345, that did the trick. I thought I’d tried with a zero but obviously I imagined it.

Thanks again,