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after setting up server (WD Sentinel DX4000) and creating users accounts, I cannot log in as user. I understand that Guest user account is set temporary and it has administrator’s rights. It should be removed after new user with adminitrator’s rights is enrolled. I followed that procedure, set all folders to read/write and enabled remote web access. Is that enough that software WinStorageServer 2000R2 Essentials recognizes new user with mentioned rights to be a new administrator and Guest user can be deactivated or deleted? I am brand new server user and any help with this issue will make me one step up :slight_smile:

It does not setup a temp guest user as administrator. It sets up Administrator as Administrator and cannot be changed. The administrator must be administrator

You will need to start over

Okay, understand. But why this note in blue screen, when user logs in?

V čet., 12. nov. 2020 23:02 je oseba Gramps via WD Community <> napisala:

The only user who can log into the server desktop is the administrator. Not an administrator account.
I did the same thing as you did when I first saw this 15 years ago. Tried to setup users manually like a good admin should :slight_smile:
everything must be done from the dashboard
user do not need to log into the server desktop
the only downside is the administrator account is called administrator. It is what it is…;

Okay, sounds understandable​:slightly_smiling_face::+1:. Thanks! I am one step up now!:joy::joy:

V čet., 12. nov. 2020 23:30 je oseba Gramps via WD Community <> napisala:

So here’s one more Gramps:
Guest account is created by default, that is clear to me.

When I am about to login to open dashboard operations, the login screen offers me mask to enter password, and the user is alreday writen (by default it should be WD Server or something like that, but I renamed it to PerhanServer) and below open field to input password, which I do not know. As I click “switch user” button, screen is prompted for two choices as “PerhanServer” or “Other User”. Click to “Other User” I may go in with Admin password.

On open dashboard and account options there are some accounts, including Guest, but no “PerhanServer”.

So, my questions now are:

  • can I deactivate or delete Guest account (beside text I can see locker). And if I perform this action, will I be able to login as admin after that?
  • how do I remove or delete this “PerhanServer” login mask?
  • shouldn’t Administrator’s account be visible on a list as well?

It is very clear to me, that if I screw something about these accounts and passwords, I will have to go through recovery process again, which I’d rather not to :slight_smile:

So, thanks for bringing me one step up again :slight_smile:

Well I really have no idea what you have done or what screen exactly you are looking at. To be honest I do not have one of these running anymore so I can’t look. I do think there was a guest account but it was disabled out of the box. Back in the day I was an OEM for these things just like WD. The difference was mine had a video card.

When you did the recovery from a worker PC you opened http://servername and ran setup. I will post a link for this below. After you completed setup you should have opened IE on a PC and gone to http://servername/connecet and installed the connector.

After you installed the connector you have a program called Launchpad. From there you open the dashboard to add users and shares

You need to send me screenshots of whatever you are talking about. There is no switch user?
BTW, You will get more hits searching for WHS 2011 Windows Home Server 2011. Same product but much more popular. Diff is yours can have 25 users vs 10 and you can join a domain.

as well the next step is