Cannot locate 5ghz network connection N600 router

Have just loaded new N600 router and cannot view or connect to the 5ghz network, only the 2.4ghz.  Have tried to locate on 3 x diff laptops.  Why would this be?  No use to me unless I can get dual access (the reason for purchase!), as will keep dropping out (like last router) on the one bandwidth.



What kind of clients do you have?  The PC, laptop or tablet has to support 5GHz to see that band. My iPad, for example, sees both networks.

I’ve tried 4 x diff laptops now.  Some irony here, as the latest one I tried, is the oldest - 7yrs old - and it recognised the 5ghz network!  The one I really want to get hooked up to the 5ghz network is a Toshiba L650-04k, only about a year old.  It has a Broadcom 802.11n adapter, model BCM94313.  How do I check if this adapter is compatible with 5ghZ?  Why aren’t all recent adapters compatible!!  Bl**dy pointless buying a dual-band router if most the hardware out there isn’t compatible anyway??

From what I know, this has less to do with newer or older, but probably price and performance.   I’ve got two laptops – from around the same time frame. 

    1. The HP $400 laptop uses an older Broadcom  – that when I Googled it – didn’t mention it was dual-band. (And when it doesn’t, it should be assumed it is 2.4GHz singleband).  

    2. The Samsung ultrabook use an Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235  – which when I Googled that shows it to be a dual band chip – and indeed I can see both wireless networks from the one laptop. 

   3. And like I mentioned earlier, the family’s Apple products seem to come with both bands.

I also have a 7 year old “brick” of a Fujitsu laptop that was built for gaming (was very pricey when I bought it).  And, it, too, sees both wireless networks. 

It’s a valid point…the old laptop that views the 5ghz was top of the line at the time, with 17" screen etc…will just bite the bullet and purchase a usb plug in adapter…