Cannot install WD Access on OS X Sierrs

I am running OS X Sierra, 10.12.3.

I’ve downloaded the WD Access installer, and tried to run it. It briefly puts up a window that says (from memory) “Installing WD Access setup” and then this goes away and nothing else happens. Nothing appears to get installed, and I assume the installer has simply hit a problem and shut down. I had a quick look at the console logs but didn’t see anything that seemed relevant.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is this version of WD Access (dated 6/21/16 - I couldn’t find a later one) known to work with Sierra? (The page I downloaded it from included 10.12 as a supported system, but the release notes with it didn’t.)

Any advice appreciated.

I haven’t seen this before. Make sure that you are log in as the admin on the Mac and that the Mac does not have any pending updates.

OK, I found the problem.

I’m not sure how this happened, but my account doesn’t have a ~/Public folder. You’d not normally expect that to stop an installation, but it seems that the install application writes itself into that folder, and if it isn’t there, it just quietly falls over and does nothing. I created a Public directory, and it installed.

(Annoyingly, having finally managed to get it installed, I needn’t have bothered, because I had thought it might provide a ‘shutdown’ command, but it doesn’t, and that was all I wanted it for. But that’s another story.)