Cannot full format Velociraptor 600GB (Formatting progress bar freeze on 3/4)

I try to format (full) new Velociraptor 600GB.

(SATA-3 controller Marvel)

Formatting was very slow (12 hours to 3/4 and … freeze on 3/4)

Then I had to abort formatting after no moving and keeping 3/4 for 8 hours…

SMART is ideal!

Do you have any idea? How to format 600GB Velociraptor?

A have just formatted new Velociraptor 600GB.

12 hours! (15MB/s) Why so low speed?

Controller Marvel (SATA-3 on P8P67, the latest BIOS and drivers)

p.s. According to opinions of other owners (more then 10 owners!)  of new big WD HDD, speed of full formatting is always 15 MB/s. Why so low? ( everybody expect 30…40 MB/s, not 15MB/s).

Motherboard ASUS P8P67.

When I connect Velociraptor 600GB to Marvel controller SATA-III, HDTUNE shows speed 3 MB/s !!!
When I connect the same port Marvel controller SATA-III another old Raptor (150GB), HDTUNE shows speed 80MB/s
When I connect Veliciraptor 600GB to Intel controller SATA-III, HDTUNE shows speed 130MB/s

I have done Lifeguarddiagnostics with Velociraptor - excelent. Smartinformation is also excellent.


  1. Do you have any idea to settle conflict Marvel and Velociraptor?
  2. Does this recomendation help me: ?