Cannot ftp to public share via command line on Ext2 Ultra

This is very odd. I can use Filezilla to ftp into and upload files to any share on my Ext2 Ultra from computers on my local wifi network.

I can use the command line ftp program LFTP to transfer files from my Linux laptop to directories I have created on the Ex2 Ultra. However, if I try to upload a file, for example Uploadtest.txt, to the public directory I get this error message:
Access failed: 553 Users may not upload files (/public/Uploadtest.txt)
That is I cannot upload using the admin credentials, a regular user’s credentials or anonymously.
Naturally, I really do not want to be able to upload anonymously, but thought it is worth a try.

I googled this and it seems this is a common problem for many people regardless of NAS manufacturer. The end goal is to upload converted audio files via a script into a subdirectory in the public directory.
What I do not understand is why does Filezilla work and not a command line FTP client? Has anyone been able to upload via FTP into the public directory?

Thank you,