Cannot find WesternDigital MyBook Live, 1 TB NAS on Windows XP

I installed the WesternDigital MyBook Live, 1 TB NAS on 3 Windows 7 Systems by using the CD. On 3 other computers based on Windows XP in put in the same CD but these never found the Driver. I only can click on “Try again (erneut versuchen)”.

Please advice.


Hi there, you mention that the computer was unable to fin the drives or the drive itself?

You can get the drives from here

On the other hand and ignoring the CD, can you map it manually? Get the IP address from CMD and type “ping mybooklive” without the quotes or look for it on your router, the MBL won’t be seen if the light on the front is not green.

after you get the IP address then click on start> run> [\theipaddress](file://%5C%5Ctheipaddress) and press enter, you should see the public folder, just right click it and select the option to map the network drive.

If you can’t ping it or is not on your router then check your connections and try to connect it directly to one of the computers to check if the problem is your router/switch.