Cannot find my Windows 7 machine

Hello all,

Bought a WD TV Live hub today, installed, updated firmware and now trying to add one of my Windows 7 PRO machines as a network share on the WD TV live hub. However, the Windows machine doesnt show up at all. I see 4 other devices on the network like the router and imac i have, but i dont see the Windows machine.

I have network discovery open, shared multiple maps and opened them for everyone.

All other devices on my network see the box, just not the WD TV live hub.

Any idea why it’s not showing up at all?

  • Michiel

I had the same problem/issue with my previous media player ( Conceptronic ) and used this to get it working.

Windows 7 shares AC Ryan Forum

Or try this:

Re: Connect to WDTV with Windows

Thanks for your help but i decided to bring back the device and change it for another, ive tried everything i could find on the net, it still will NOT show my homeserver with Windows 7 pro. I plugged in a DUNE player now and i instantly see the homeserver with all shares.