Cannot find credentials to remove and setup private share access in windows

I had a previous post and have just about resolved all of my questions and issues. I too, like many, am having a hard time gaining access to my private share from explorer (public is fine). Following what I saw in several other post, I removed my credentials from the credential manager and the mapping of the public share but was never asked to provide new ones. I cannot log in to the private share and I no longer see MyCloud credentials in the manager. Not sure where to go from here.

I also read I need to remove the network connection to the my cloud, but I am unsure how to do this in Windows 10. I cannot remove the connection without severing it. Perhaps I am missing something here?

Hope I didn’t mess this up too much, thanks.

What do you mean when you say you removed your credentials. If you are the owner of the My Cloud and set it up then you are the administrator. You can find out more about this by opening the Dashboard and looking under Help (?).

As for your second question your My Cloud should be a part of your network so why would you want to remove the connection?

You may want to look through the User Manual. Use link below to open up the User Manual.


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I should back up here since tinkering a bit. I recently recovered another computer (another story) and want to set up 2 laptops each with access to a different private share and overall public share access. On one, I successfully logged in to a private share and have access through windows explorer. This system is Windows 8 if that makes a difference. I was careful to map the private share first before I did anything else.
I system restored the other laptop and tried to sync it to my wife’s share via the same process. I immediately mapped to her private share successfully, but after 1 minute, I lost access and am being asked for credentials. The credential I originally entered is not working. This is where I am confused, why did I just lose access when I had it a moment ago? I will review the manual, thanks. I need to know how to “redo” accessing the private share in explorer. This is a windows 10 system if that makes a difference.