Cannot Even Ping the Server

I have a DX4000 Server Storage 2008R2 installed and updated. I added a computer to the network recently and it has not been able to connect to the backup server. Then I checked the other computers and none could connect with the usual http://servername/connect/. So I went on the server and disabled the windows firewall completely. That did not help. I then went back to control pannel/windows firewall and clicked restore defaults. It gave a warning some connecitons would be lost but I clicked okay. Bad mistake.

Now, the server sitill displays my internal lan ip but you cannot even ping the server. Cannot connect over the network at all. Launchpad cannot find the server. remote desktop cannot connect.

I have downloaded the recovery ISO and burned it to disk. I am trying to create a bootable usb and the USB is not recognized in the wizzard. It is a 32GB usb dirve, 3.0.

I can go forward and I certianly can’t go backwards. Any suggestions will be appreciated

Try the thumb in a usb 2.0 port?  Delete the partitions on the thumb and reformat it fat32?

I tried the USB 2.0 port and also tried a USB Western Digital Passport drive but it was not recognized either. I did format the thumb but to fat64. I will reformat and retry. Also I do not see a reset button on the back of my NAS.

Nope. I formatted as a FAT32 and also as a NTFS and the recovery wizzard will not recognize the 32GB Sandisk USB drive. I am dead in the water until I can create a bootable usb thumb.

I have also tried connecting to the NAS with a cat5e cable to a laptop not connected to the internet and rebooting to see if the DNS service will recognize the NAS. Nothing going. No connection whatever.

First thing, download a md5 hash checker and make sure you have a good download.

Second the thumb must be larger tan 8gb, so that means 16 or better.  Some others have reported having a problem seeing different types of thumbs.

Do yours show has removable media in my computer or as another hard disk? Mine shows as removable media.

FWIW I have a Kingston DT Ultimate G2 32gb that works for me.

The trick is that it MUST be a 2.0 thumb not a 3.0. I just went up to my friendly local Walley World and got a 16GB Sandisk 2.0 for $12, formatted it to Fat32 and away it went. I am now installing and initializing the NAS for the rest of the afternoon. Thanks for the assist.

I am not sure what the make or break is, as the one I have IS USB 3.0.  But anyways.  I guess you also found the reset hole on the back of the box?  I normally use a small Allen Wrench.  Seems to feel firm and work well.  Better than a paper clip.

Yes, I did find the reset hole. LOL. I was looking for a button and there is a button. It’s just inside a hole. All is well today and I am back up and running fine. No data was lost and life is good.

Wonderful.  Now do all the windows updates, and it would be a good time to do the uEFI patch at the top of this forum.

Uninstall the connector from all the desktops and after the server is fully updated reinstall the connector.

Hope you have a great week and thanks for letting us know you got it.