Cannot create library of my music on android

I use a MyBookLive with dlna server. All works fine. On my android tablet I can access all my music f.i. with the WD My Cloud app.

The only way I can access my music is by browsing the file system. I would like te have a complete library so that I can search for instance by composer.

I have tried a lot of apps but with no success. How could I do the trick? (I guess I am not the first one with this problem, but cannot find any solution)

Btw: on my pc I use MusicBee which makes a library on the server! (musicbee app is something else :frowning: )

Hi kdrkdr, you can only access the shared folders from the My Cloud app, to access the DLNA server you need a DLNA client installed on your tablet, you can find several option on the Google play Store. This will only work when accessing the My Book Live on your local network. You can make any suggestion for future updates in the ideas boards.

Thanks for the answer. It lasted some time before I understood that WD My Cloud is not a dlna client.

It is working now. I had to switch of music sharing for my shares which I only use for backup. Now the index is no longer garbage.