Cannot copy themes into .wd_tv (permission?)

Hey guys,

I am trying to copy themes (Black Mamba) into .wd_tv/themes of the internal hdd of my WDTV Live Hub but somehow it does not work. On my Windows PC I can just access it via Web Interface (no chance to upload anything?!) and uploading via twonky wont work either. FTP connection is not possible to.

My biggest success was to open the .wd_tv folder on my macbook (via smb) but whenever I try to copy anything, no matter if it’s the wd_tv folder nor any movie folder, I just get the message that I do not have permission to copy.

I accessed it with the username and passwort that I set up on my WDTV Live Hub. :frowning:

I cannot find any information about missing permissions. I often read “IP of the wdtv”, “webinterface”, “upload”… that doesn’t help me in any way. :’(

your help is much appreciated.


On you Windows PC you need to map the HUB as a network drive.  Then make sure you have it so that you can see hidden folders.  Then access the HUB, navigate to .wd_tv / themes and copy the theme there.

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try to download the WD link program. Very easy to setup the HUB as a network disc and to browse on it from your pc :slight_smile:


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WD Provides Easy Software to Map your Network Drive / Create Shortcuts to your Live Hub …

Info Page:

Download Link:  WD Link Software

And as Tinwarble said, your PC must have enabled “Show Hidden Files and Folders” to be able to “See” the

.wd_tv   Directory.

Show Hidden Files and Folders on Windows 7

Show Hidden Files and Folders on Windows XP

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It worked! Thank you so much. Unfortunately there is not WD Link and Thumbgen for Mac OS. :frowning: Will have to work with Bootcamp. :wink:

or you can try:

Maybe this one is better:

*dont know if it will work because i am using a pc*