Cannot Connect to Private Share (WIN7)

I have read several posts about other users with similar issues, but I have not found a solution.

I have created a private share that can be accessed by a user with a username and password.

When I try to access the private share using windows explorer (WIN7 64 bit), I am asked for a username and PW; I enter these, but I just get the dialog box back (asking for username/PW).

I also tried to use the same username/PW as the admin user on the PC but it didn’t help.

I have not mapped any shares (and it cannot be done as the credentials are not accepted anyway)

I cleared the windows credentials (in Credential Manager) but it made no difference.

I have no problems accessing the public shares.

This “I have no problems accessing the public shares.” is probably the issue

Windows only allows a single user to connect to another computer at a time, when you connect as public that is the user you become,

clear any connections (smartware, mapping etc) to any public share. you may need to reboot and clear credentials then connect to the private share. once a private share connection is established you can connect to other private shares and public shares. the user used to connect to the 1st private share also needs access to any additional private shares that you will connect to

Thank you for your response.

After rebooting it behaved as you said:

If I connect to wdmycloud with user1=peter, then user2=wendy cannot connect (and vice versa).

To switch user, I need to first remove the connection.

I can see the connection/entry by using the command prompt and command “net use”, which then shows: \WDMYCLOUD\IPC$.

I delete ithe entry by the command “net use * /d”.

I can thereafter login wendy, and using the command “net use” again, I get: \WDMYCLOUD\WENDY.

  1. Why does it show IPC$ for peter but wendy for wendy?

I then connected peter again using two other WIN7 PCs (wirelessly connected to the network). In this case, the command “net use” came back with “there are no entries in the list”. Thus, I could not disconnect peter and therefore not connect wendy. The only solution is to reboot before connecting wendy.

  1. Why didn’t “net use” show any entries on this computer?

  2. Is there any way to disconnect peter without having to reboot?

p.s. I should also mention that on one of these computers, I could not even get the login dialogue and login to wdmycloud until I created a password for the WINDOWS login (I previously just had a user name w/o password)!!! Not sure if WD mentions this anywhere?