Cannot connect to MyBookWorld configuration


Since I bought this unit (more than a year ago now) I have never been able to connect to the configuration. I have used the WD discover software and can find the unit and its contents. However, whenever I try to login as admin in order to config the unit, I get an error message:

“User name and password entered is not correct. Please re-enter.”

I have already tried the combinations ‘admin/admin’ and ‘admin/123456’. I have also attempted the reset (pressing the reset button at the back of the unit) several times. However no success at all, I still can’t connect.

Browsing this forum and the internet I can only find the 2 userid/password combinations mentioned above, the ones I have used unsuccessfully.

Please let me know if there has been a change in the default values for these fields? Or if there is anything else I should do?

Thanks in advance

That’s actually the right one, so if your MBW is not taking it then it’s not working as it should… Did you call WD on this one? What did they tell you?