Cannot connect to My Cloud - Losing the will to live

I have a my cloud WDBCTL0030HWT but i cannot connect to it. Windows or Mac. I can ping it on the network and the device has the solid blue light but none of the gui’s will access it. I have tried the app, Using a browser and through the cloud website.

The app allows me to sign in with admin but the little wheel just keeps turning by the folder in the left hand area of the app.
The mycloud browser just keeps saying there is an error connecting to the drive
The Local browser connects to the drive, the screen then flickers to “attempting to authenticate” and very quickly changes to blank.

Ive tried the short few seconds reset and also the 40 seconds reset but still no joy.

Im at a loss now. It has over a decade of photos stored on it and like a fool ive not backed it up for a couple of years.

Does anyone have any idea what else i can do? Cheers.

When did you lose access to your unit? Did you perform a firmware update? Was there a power outage? Can you map the volume on Windows Explorer using the IP address you obtain during a PING command (\ipaddress)? If data access is vital then you may have to contact a certified data recovery service company.

Hi Trancer. Ive checked the router to see what ip was assigned. It pings fine and cannot map a drive from windows either. I think its buggered lol.
Its come after I was offered a firmware upgrade. It stopped after a few mins and gave an error message of not enough storage space to perform upgrade and has been a door stop since.

Right after a 2nd 40sec reset i appear to have access and can sign in. However the drive is reporting zero space and the DLNA Media server status = scanning and has done for a long time. Do you think the drives buggered and im gonna need the Data Recovery dudes?

I’m sure I’ve seen zero space reported (and fixed) before, but I can’t find the threads.

There are plenty of threads on DIY file recovery, e.g.

Mine was working fine until I did the firmware update to 2.21.126. After that it would not connect except through the web connection. I tried mapping it manually but it would never connection. I restored the configuration (keeping the data) and now I can manually map, but now each time the computer reboots I must manually connect to the drive (it works fine before the firmware upgrade).
I have only had the device 3 days. I have not been able to move any files over 20 GB. I eventually get a message that the data could not be read. I have tried from the computer connected on the same ethernet network and with an external hard drive plugged into the USB port.
So far I am not impressed with the device at all and it will probably be returned. I had been hoping that this would simplify my data backups and storage needs, so far it is just making everything more complicated and difficult. I will probably just switch to a large external hard drive.