Cannot Connect to My Book Live

Hi Guys

I am unable to connect to the MBL device either using the SmartWare software, dashboard link or windows explorer. It is not discoverable in windows explorer and is not discoverable when using the Western Digital Discover tool

The LED on the front of the unit flashes green. Nether of the LEDs on the rear of the unit around the ethernet port are lit

I have tried plugging into a different power socket as well as a reset and different ethernet ports. On restart, the unit powers on but then after a few minutes the LED light on the front just flashes green again

I am using Windows 10 with the latest version of the SmartWare software

Many thanks in advance

if you have a green LED, find out the IP assigned to MBL from your router’s DHCP lease/client table. Once you find that, using an internet browser connect to it