Cannot connect to Live365

I used to be able to connect to Live365. I have rolled back to older versions, done all the resets & restored to factor defaults, but it still does not allow me to access Live365. I have internet connection because I have accessed the weather channel. On a PC I can log in, but I can not log in on the WD Media Player.

DaHub, if you are unable to access the service even after reverting the Firmware to an earlier release and trying different troubleshooting methods, then perhaps something else is affecting your Western Digital Media Player; contacting WD’s Technical Support about this would be the next step. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support:


I am also unable to sign in to Live 365 Radio after having been able to do so for over a year. However, I had recently taken my existing ethernet cable used to connect to my WD Live and added a router in order ro connect in my new DVD player (which supports Amazon Instant Movies). At this point, I could no longer sign into Live365 but I then decided to remove the second router and simply sting another ethernet cable to the DVD player. At that point, I was able to sign in Live365 again.