Cannot connect to device - iphone App


I cannot connect to mycloudex2ultra device from my iphone when I am NOT on my local network. I did not have this issue a few weeks ago. I do not know what changed.

I am able to connect with my PC without any problems.

See the EX2 subforum were people more familiar with the EX2 Ultra may be able to assist.

Generally for the single bay/single drive My Cloud (the general subject of the My Cloud subforum) one may need to access the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings and turn off Cloud Access/Remote Access, wait a few minutes, then re-enable Cloud Access/Remote Access. Unfortunately for the single bay/single drive My Cloud this requires local network access to the My Cloud.

If one isn’t using a fixed IP address for the My Cloud the device may be assigned a different IP address by the network router causing Cloud Access/Remote access to stop working. Or if the local network router’s broadband IP address changes, Cloud Access/Remote Access may be affected where the user may have to cycle the Cloud Access/Remote Access option in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings.

I’ve never had an issue with this that’s weird.

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