Cannot connect remotely to WDMyCloud

Hi All,

Since the latest update for the Heartbleed fix, I am unable to remotely connect to my WD MyCloud 3TB.  What’s odd about that is I can connect just fine to my older MyBook Live 3TB, using the Mac client or iOS or Android apps - they all just work.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

After I installed the latest firmware update to the WD MyCloud, I noticed that my Safepoint was now gone and none of my apps could connect to the WD MyCloud.

So, performed a completed factory refresh and recreated my shares and account for remote access (i.e. wd 2go, or whatever it’s called). This is the third time I’ve gone through this process.

Then, I removed all references to all WD drives from my apps (i.e. Mac OS client and iOS and Android) and re-added references using the ‘Activation Code’ approach.

Of course, everything works when I am on the same internal network and, as I mentioned above, I can always access the MyBook Live when remote.  But I cannot connect to the WD MyCloud from any of the apps.

The MyBook Live and the newer WD MyCloud are physically connected to the same router.

Oh yeah, my Safepoint from the WDMyCloud to the MyBook Live isn’t working, but one problem at a time…

I don’t know what else to try, but my plan of replacing my Dropbox account with MyCloud is looking like a loser.  I am frustrated with the WD MyCloud - your client apps truely are best in class, but the embedded system is just not reliable.

Update: I may have discovered my problem.  I started to notice that after some trial and error that could sometimes access the MyBook Live but not the MyCloud.  Conversely, suddenly I was able to access the MyCloud but not the MyBook Live.

So… I disabled remote access on the MyBook Live and all is well with remote access to the MyCloud.

I also noticed that I am running a ‘relay connection’; my Apple Airport Extreme doesn’t support uPnP and, since I am on Comcast Business, which provides NAT from the cable modem and, again, I am NAT’ing again from my Apple Airport Extreme.  As such, I can’t really enable port forwarding in this environment, since I don’t have control over the Comcast modem (well, unless I pay extra for a static IP).

Well, anyway… I am up and running.  Now, onto my Safepoint issues, which I think are due to the limitations of running rsync from an AFP -serviced filesystem on the MyCloud to an SMB/CIFS filesystem on the MyBook Live and the inevitable filename/file-length limitations.

Update 2: Never mind… now I can no longer get into the device with the MyBook Live completely powered down.

The MyCloud web UI says that a Relay Connection is established, but I can’t get in remotely (I am seeing this remotely via my Mac Mini running there with Apple remote access and screen sharing to my MacBook Pro).  That works just fine, of course…

I’ve run out of things to try; prior to recents updates, remote access to WD MyCloud was reliable, but now it’s hit-or-miss.

Update 3: Rebooted the device (remotely via my Mac Mini and remote access) - now I can get in via the Mac WD app, remotely.

I am going to disable Drive Sleep and see if that was my problem; I rebooted the MyCloud before leaving for work, but time had past the device was probably asleep.  I will see if that is causing the remote access problem and will report back.

Update 4: the WD MyCloud continues to be available, throughout the day; maybe no sleep is the answer?

One thing that has started today, however: my iOS WD MyCloud app will load the top-level folders, but when I drill down into folders, I see NO files; conversely, on my Android tablet’s version of the same app, I can see files and folders, similar to what I see with the Mac OS version of the app;

Hi Krutsch, have you tried reinstalling the iOS app after you changed the sleep timer? 

Just tried that… No change; I still cannot see files/folders below the first level.

What I mean is:

Shares / Ken / Documents /

So, it’s more like third level?

Same with the Public folders; I can see

Shares / Public / Shared Music (or Pictures or Videos) /