Cannot connect my My Cloud to my home Network need help

So ive been trying for a week now and cant seem to get this to work ive done everything to change the Twonky Media server to my home network settings i have even called the customer support and no one can seem to figure out what is going on so this is my last hope 

so i have bought a my cloud a week ago i set it up to my Main computer conected to my router and everything installed  perfect i can acsess it with no problem from my main computer and online and threw my iphone app and tablets

the problem im having is connecting it to my home network so i can stream my movies and videos to other computers, laptops, smart tv and PS3 it just does not show up on any other devices in my house 

idk if anyone has had this problem and found a way to work through this and get it to work

but i do need help on trying to get my mycloud to be reconised acrossed all my devices espically my PS3 and Smart TV

this has been so frustrating 


Be sure all of the other devices are part of the same workgroup also check if you have any firewall or antivirus that might be blocking the My Cloud.

Have you set everything up in the Dashboard? See image below.

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cat0w (USA)

i was thinking about this last night and i was wondering if this could be part of the problem i have two routers in my house my main one that is hooked up to my wireless router and another that is hooked up directly to the eathernet only…

so could that be part of the problem because the main one that is hooked up to the wireless is pretty much set up with all my devices in my housue but my other PC is hooked up to a router that goes directly to the internet…

Yes you found the issue which you didn’t mentioned earlier about having two routers. Other devices can’t see your cloud because they are in different subnet. I believe your other devices such as smarttv ps3 can’t reach your pc too. Depending on your network config, you may need to bridge the two router together making one of the router in bridge mode. Or configure your router’s routing table. Consult your router’s manual on these.

yes after almost 2 weeks i finally got it working thank you so much it was a pain in the **bleep** to figure out but i fianlly did it and thank you for the info it helped

NP~ glad it helped…