Cannot Connect - Green LED Blinking for two weeks

Hello everyone,

I had reset my MyBookLive 2TB using the button on the back of the device.  Since then I have no connection.  Symptoms are as follows:

  • Device powers up and you can hear the HD moving
  • Green LED blinks, but does not turn solid.
  • Device is not reconized by any HUB or even a direct cross-cable using Windows or MAC OS.
  • Network LED is yellow and the green one blinks about once a second.

No connection at all.  Does anyone have any suggestions here?

I had opened a ticket with WD on August 26th (two weeks ago), where they stated that it should take one day to reply.  Is it normal that it takes so long to get a reply??

Loosing faith in WD…


Sounds like a dead unit to me

cross cable is not necessary… standard ethernet cable should work when connected direct to PC


Please check your private message regarding your troubleshooting inquiry.

Thank you