Cannot connect android devices through home network

My android devices, Samsung s4 and Nexus 10 tablet are unable to connect to the MPW if all are connected to a home network and sharing of content is also on. Laptop connected to home network accesses the MPW also connected to the home network just fine. 

Error on the phone and tablet says User does not have permission 403. 

I tried removing the admin password as well just to check but no use. 

Ignore the MPW fpr a moment, and do your Android devices connect to your network fine and able to access other devices?

Are you trying to connect to the MPW on network with My Cloud app?

If My Clound seems to be the issue, try another app.  I suggest Avia, it works great w/MPW.

I guess My Cloud was the issue. Avia is work great. But a question: Avia doesnt need any password now to the disk. Its like paired for life. I changed the admin password on the drive also, but Avia connects without even prompting for one and gets acess to the content. 


Yea, I see how this could be an issue when drive is used as a direct connect from the MPW signal to phone or pad, but for someone to connect to the MPW signal, they need the password you have set for the MPW wifi signal.  You could be sitting next to someone who also has the Avia app and they could not see your drive’s data unless they also had the password to connect their device to your MPW wifi signal.

I have my MPW on my home network, so I can see and access the MPW, computer, and two other devices on my network that act as servers, too.  No passport needed for any of these to access any device after connecting device to the home network – which has a password, of course.

So now, completely uninstall My Cloud from your devices and reboot device, then re-install and see if it works for you now.  Otherwise the app likely does not work with your particular Android device.  App works perfectly with the Apple products.