Cannot boot with WD20EARS on Win7

i cannot boot up my pc with the HD connected.  my comp freezes at the BIOS splash screen.  i can’t even get into the BIOS to check the HD startup order.  with the HD disconnected, my pc starts up just fine.

i was able to get this new HD formatted by connecting it after windows had already booted up.  i went into disk manager to rescan the drives and win7 recognized it.  but even with it formatted, i still cannot boot with it connected.

I have the same problem, did you find any solution???

WD don’t exactly rush to give answers here, do they ?

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I had this same problem but my system is a linux system.

But, it would not even boot due to getting read errors on the hard drive. Seems it was getting DRDY errors when it tried to read the partition table when the OS scanned for drives when it booted, and was hanging because it couldn’t read the partition information.

What I finally did was to boot from a spinrite 6 CD, have it scan the drive. That reset some pending reallocation events and also allowed the system to boot normally from then on.

I did have to run a program called testdisk and rewrite the partition information to the drive, too. It scanned the drive, found the partitions, and then wrote the partition information back to the drive. It’'s on Hiren’s boot CD… Google it and download for free :slight_smile: