Cannot back up my C Drive to WD My Book Essential

 I am sure it did at one time but I cannot back up / copy by C: Drive to my WD My Book Essential?  No trouble with the other files (My Documents etc) and I have more then adequate space.  But since accepting WD Updates and keeping current with the software, I am not able to copy / back up by system files and the C Drive (programs etc listed as Preload C)?? Maybe I never have been able to but that is why I purchased the WD for a complete back up.

I am using Windows XP and all software updates have been accepted. Are their some setting that I need to change?

Hi there, are you in file backup or in category backup? Try to switch back to category backup on the backup tab then go back to change the drive letter on the home tab. If that doesn’t work then uninstall the update and install the original version that came with your drive!

Thanks so much for the suggestion…I tried both the file and category back up and I am still unable to Back UP the complete system file (C Drive) even though the C Drive is selected.  On the Home Tab and the meter, it is indicated in the the system area that “196.6 GB excluded”.