Cannot assign a subfolder ot a folder that already exists?

Hi all, I have not found anything on this so must be a real noob question:

When I add a Network share to the movies section it lists the folders that are in the root of the network share (a WD My book world edition II). When opening the movies tab I have to go through the “Public” folders to come to my “Shared movies”. I would like to create a shortcut to that folder so that selecting the Movies tab opens the “Shared movies” folder and displays those contents.

However if I want to set that folder throught the “options” button on the remote it says something like “Cannot assign a sub folder. A higher folder is already …bla” . Something like that. I’m not sitting behind the TV right now so can’t indicate the specific message.

Is there a way to assign a sub-subfolder as entry level folder for the video section instead of the root folder from the share?

How do I unassign the root folder so that I can assign a sub folder?

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

perhaps add it as a media library at the root level? 

then choose that as your source.

see if that helps.


Delete the one you don’t want (the root level) by clicking the “X” icon next to that entry.

Then add the subfolders you want.