Cannot access wd hardrive

WD Passport was installed on my laptop by a technician where I purchased both. I have been advised by another company that the original technician wrote code into my laptop to operate the Passport. I cannot see an app where I can check to delete backups to free up space. Thank you.

If you have a WD Passport external hard drive that was installed by a technician, it’s possible that they set up specific software or drivers on your laptop to manage the device. To check if there is an application installed for managing the WD Passport backups, you can follow these steps:

  1. Look for the WD Backup software: Check your list of installed programs on your laptop. Go to the Control Panel (or Settings in Windows 10) and navigate to “Programs” or “Apps.” Look for any software related to WD or Western Digital, such as “WD Backup,” “WD SmartWare,” or “WD Discovery.” If you find any of these applications, open them to see if you can manage or delete backups from there.

  2. WD Discovery: In some cases, WD provides a software suite called WD Discovery, which includes multiple tools and utilities for managing their devices. If you see WD Discovery installed on your laptop, open it and explore the options available. It may provide access to backup management features.

  3. Check File Explorer: Connect your WD Passport external hard drive to your laptop. Open File Explorer (Windows Explorer) and look for your external drive in the list of available drives. Double-click on the drive to open it and navigate through the folders. Look for any backup folders or files that you can delete to free up space. Exercise caution when deleting files, as you don’t want to delete any important data accidentally.

  4. Contact the technician or Western Digital support: If you are unable to find any specific software or application to manage the backups on your WD Passport, it is advisable to contact the technician who installed it initially or reach out to Western Digital support directly. They should be able to provide guidance and support on how to manage or delete backups stored on your WD Passport.

Remember to be cautious when deleting files, as removing important data accidentally can result in permanent loss. Always ensure you have a backup of any critical data before making any changes.