Cannot access to the hub


Keep disconnecting When I try to copy big size of files.

Please help me to solve this problem.

Thank you 


I don’t know if your files are very big, but 4Go is the maximum size to transfert to the wdtv actually if i do not mistake…

Or else, maybe a problem of connection between yout pc and the WDTV…

Witch type of connection do you use? Behind router?


There is no file size limitation on the Hub.

Sorry maybe a mistake…

When i transfert files, I do not copy to much files at the same time… I have a network with two routers, and then transfert is loosed if there are to many files…


I use wireless connection and when I do copy small files, working fine, but for the big files (7GB) disconnecting in the middle.

Network connections, whether wired or wireless, don’t have an inherent data transfer amount cap.  You could send multiple exabytes in one session, if you choose.

If the network is disconnecting, that’s indicative of network issues somewhere, not of a cap on the network traffic.


I never had this kind of problem with my laptop, which is also connected with the same wireless router. So it night be something wrong with the hub?

and one more thing,

I can see 2 network locations 

one is with the hub name and the other one with the ip address???

is this causing any problem?

Well, if you mapped it twice, once with the name, and once with the IP, then that’s normal…


Which one should I delete?

Whichever you don’t want to use.   :slight_smile:  If it were me, I’d probably keep the NAMED one.