Cannot access Public folder - not network issue

I have a problem with accessing the default Public folder on my My Book Live. It does not appear to be a network issue. I can create/access/map a new share. I can access/map the other existing default shares (SmartWare and TimeMachineBackup).

When attempting to access the Public folder from Microsoft Explorer, I receive the error message: Windows cannot access … Check the spelling of the name, etc. Error Code 0x80070035 The network path was not found.

When attempting from Finder on the MacIntosh, the error message is: The operation can’t be completed because the original item for “Public” can’t be found.

If I do a directory listing from ssh, it does not show Public at all, just the other shares.


  1. Is there a way to recover/reconstruct the Public directory? I believe I would have to unmount (?) the drive to run a checkdsk type of command? Not sure the series of commands necessary to do this and recover any data that is found.

  2. Is there any way to recover the data that was stored under the Public directory without disassembling the My Drive and putting the disks into my computer. I would like to find a non-destructive way to recover the data. If necessary, I will use the debricking technique if that is what it takes to get the data.

Hi, welcome to the community.

I wouldn’t know how to recover the public folder via SSH, however it seems that you were using Putty or some other command line SSH environment. Can you try WinSCP and go into the folder called “Shares” are you able to see the public?

Must admit that I like WinSCP better! However, I do not see the Public folder under shares. I see Smartware, TimeMachineBackup and the share that I had created.