Cannot access my shared folders EX4

Ok, any ideas out there? My EX4 has been running perfectly for a couple of years. Use it to store and share photos, videos, documents on home network. All of a sudden, previously mapped drives on Windows PC to shared folders no longer work. I can’t even browse to them and re-map them. Without this ability, the box is basically useless on my home network. Please send suggestions.

Can you provide more specific information on how it’s not working. That’s the new behaviour? Any error messages? The more detail of the issue you can provide the better people should be able to assist.

When I click on the mapped drive in Windows Explorer it says ‘inaccessible’. When I try to map a new drive to shared folder it says \name-of-ex4 is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator… The network is not present or not started. None of that is true of course as the EX4 is visible on network, media server is working, web page is working.

Wow, was googling possible solutions on web and found a simple one. Ran services.msc and restarted my Workstation service on problem computer. Problem solved! Drives mapped again.

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Awesome. Fixed. :slight_smile: