Cannot access dashboard via browser

Hi, I can view the filesystem via network, but trying to acces the dashboard via browser I get a server timeout. Seems like the http server is down. I cannot reach through SSH either, though I could before. How can I hard reset it?

Hi Michal

no need to hard reset, try a normal power cycle first. If the daemons hang, they will restart in normal condition after a power cycle.

Have this problem too… Im using Mac El Capitan OS… Seems there a priblem with apple product. My iPhone using WD apps cant connect too even they detect it

I am having the same problem while it used to work fine until last week. Seems that something has changed somewhere? any update either from WD soft/firmware or OS? I am using windows 10.
Same behavior noted that only the dashboard does not respond. The rest works fine.

Thank you for the hint, just how do you launch a clean power cycle while the device does not respond to the shutdown command from QuickView, and the admin dashboard is not accessible. Thank you in advance and apologies if obvious, but the manual does not provide much information there.

You don’t need to press the reset button during power cycle to initailise a hard reset. It’s enough for the next step to do a nomal power cycle, unplug the power, wait 10 seconds, replug it in - don’t press and hold the Reset button.