Cannot access D-Link DNS 320 NAS on Network Share

Hi peeps

Need your help with this

Have the Live TV Hub and have filled the 1Tb storage and so bought the D-Link DNS 320 NAS. After many hours, I managed to work out how to access files via Media Server, but it won’t play all the files (I have plenty of ISO files) and it will not show up the content info and am not able to access the options to add it or even delete/copy etc

I’ve tried to access via Network share, and the NAS appears in the list, but when select I always get the message “There is no media in the current folder”

How can I access through Network Share?

Your help is appreciated

Many thanks

I’m assuming you can access it from your PC since you were able to move content onto it.

My first guess is that you need to provide the correct user ID and password for the share you created on your NAS.

If you are not being prompted for a UID / Password when you select the DLINK NAS on the Hub, then go to SETUP / NETWORK …  / CLEAR LOGIN INFO… and then go back into VIDEO and try again.

Hi Tony, thanks for reply

Yes can access from PC and can also access via media server, just not Network share.

I;ve reset the password and then tried again. Ive set up a new user group on the NAS and tried using that.

What else can I try?

Don;t really know what I did, but it works! Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Now to start transferring all my movies over slowly :frowning:

I too have a DNS 320, worked briefly now I keep getting the message ’ No Media in the curren folder’

any ideas?