Cannot access backed up data to Retrieve files and sent back to PC

I backed up 2 hard drives onto my MY BOOK ESSENTIAL 2TB drive. Total size of the backup was about 122.5GB which was mainly pictures, music, and office files, I wiped the hard drive on my pc and upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista due to . Now I need some of the files, but when I open the WD SmartWare program it shows 122.5gb on the home tab stored in the external drive, however when I go to the retrieve tab and click on the drive I want to restore and click the “all files” selection, it only shows 139.6mb of data and if I try to retrieve even that small amount of data, nothing shows up in the folder and if I try again I get an error message saying “Confirm File Overwrite, the file “END” already exists; do you want to replace it?”

Even if I click on “my computer” and click drive properties, it shows 144GB used, so why isnt The “WD SmartWare” not recognizing the data?

I cannot find any help in WD’s knowledgebase. I have about 10 years of un-replaceable photo’s and documents on this drive and it would be a huge loss if I’ve lost them. Someone please help me.


Are you trying to copy the files back to the original places or to an especific folder?

Have you tried serching the files manually on the drive through the folder that says smartware.swstor