Can you update software without updating firmware

One more attempt to update software for “My book Essentials”–750GB Ext HDD:


I tried to download the firmware and I do not know where the “ZIP” file went to as part of the download process after disabling ALL security settings. ( Can’t find it on my PC to "unzip per website instructions on my windows Vista 32 bit PC).


My question is ---- can I merely try and download the software without the firmware( Step 2 of the process) and if so, what are the implications of doing this ?


Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks



Hi Garry,

I managed to download the firmware & software update,but when I tried to update the firmware,my pc crashed

giving me the blue screen.I have windows vista 32 bit pc.

I emailed wd support to ask if I could update the software without the firmware?

They replied & said it was o.k to do this,so I did without any problems.


Hi Coop34!

Thanks for the feedback… I’ll try that and see how it goes.

I still can’t believe that a Company like WD would market its External Hd’s as “simple and easy”; yet it is very obvious that updating firmware and software on these HDD’s is a HUGE PROBLEM for many.

Again, thanks!