Can you play directly from usb device?

I have a wdtv with wd 500g external drive, works fine

After reading about the live hub, I was excited about using it since it has the 1t drive, plus it will play the dts video where my other one would not.

I have everything working and then decide that i will hook up my external drive in the usb to watch a video that i had stored there. This is where i am having problems, it seems that it will sync the files and try copying them over to the hub, and if i have it show me what files are there it will show me the list, but it will not “play” any of the files. If i stop the sync, and go to local storage and select the usb drive it tells me no media.

It will sync them, and copy them with no problems, but it will not play anything or reconize them to play.

Can they be played through the usb without syncing them? and why will it sync or copy them but it wont reconize them to play them?

thank you for any info

u don’t have to sync, i have that all turned off, and yes u can play directly from the usb drive,

as of just a short time ago, i did stumble across some info that helped me with this, so i will share exactally what i did to get this to work for me.

At the main screen, i selected setup on the remote

selected operation

changed usb sync to “off”

went back to the selected menu

selected system

changed media library to “off”

went back to main menu

I had to select the device to play from “red button”

i then selected my usb 2 device

everything came up fine :slight_smile:

that worked for me, hope it may help someone else :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t have to turn Media Library off for local USB drives to function normally…  

I will try that later to see if that works and reply back here later. thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

i was able to add the library, but this is what seems to happen, it will reconize the files, but if i remove the 500 gig wd drive it seems to keep the listing for what was on there., its like i had to refresh the library everytime used it that way…i may try again later, but its kinda nice that wnen i disconnect i dont have to re do the library.

i will try to post what i find out.

You need to remember to EJECT the drive (using the button on the remote) before you detach it.