Can you Install? PHP, MySQL, ETC

Becasue it is Windows storage server can you install Apache and Mysql with PHP extensions for a cloud application??

I have a custom built app that I run on a number of NAS lunix units that I want to port over to Windows Storage server for easier administration. Does anyone have a clue if this unit supports installing … I would love to get the 16TB if I can use it for my master cloud and all my other lunix units as the clouds for my remote offices.


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WSSE 2008 is based on Server 2008 R2 with certain enterprise features disabled (AD, iSCSI, etc) so it should be capable of running most 3rd-party services. Keep in mind two things:

  • It is based on an Atom D525 which is not a powerhouse by any means.

  • The RAID is run via the built-in Intel RAID controller which is mostly CPU based, it does not have a dedicated chipset to offload RAID processing… The 16TB unit will definitely be in RAID5 which is an additional performance hit.

Not to say it’s not a useful unit but I wouldn’t start treating it like a true application server.

Ok, so based on your thought this unit is probably better as a file server than a cloud server. Granted I wanted the SQL to off load the application base but it does sound like Western Digital did not think this completely through. It kinda feels more like a home server like HP made that died a happy death. Sorry not an HP fanboy.


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Consider the fact that for barely over the price of purchasing the RE4 drives alone (at least for the 8, 12 & 16GB models) you are getting:

  • Barebones Atom hardware ($150 - $300 retail)
  • Automatic incremental & granular file backup for up to 25 workstations
  • AD integration
  • iSCSI with a fairly cheap add-on purchase

Yes it is basically an HP home server aimed more at business, but that’s where it can fit a key need for small offices with plenty of workstations that want simple automated backup solutions.