Can we get an Audio Delay option?

Is it possible to get a playback option to adjust audio delay during playback.  I have a feeling this would resolve a lot of issues peole are having with audio sync problems on various files.

Something silimar to what a lot of audio receivers have built in.


I think there’s an open idea for that…

This is a good Idea. If I’m not mistaking, there is already an Idea that is asking for this, look for it and vote on it.

It is a good idea to vote for it in the ideas forum, but in reality, it looks like the firmware development for the Live/Live Plus is winding down. The general consensus is that there might be only one more firmware upgrade for these older devices. If that is true we will not see too much more than we have right now, and the chances of getting an audio delay are very slim…however we can still hope that WD will continue to provide firmware support.