Can wdtv live be used with slingbox?

can wdtv live be used with slingbox?

if so how to set it up?


have you asked this question to slingmedia ???

I’m curious as to exactly what you’re trying to accomplish?? Usually the slingbox is used to access your home TV or DVRservices/content via a PC at a remote location, eg, you live in LA (where a slingbox is attached to your DVR or STB) but you are traveling and in NYCity with your laptop and want to watch your local Los Angeles TV channels or recorded DVR on your laptop using slingplayer s/w. 

So using the above example what do you want to access from your WDTVLive

which you attached to the slingbox in LA???

Do you want files attached to a drive attached to the WDTVLive?

Do you want to play media attached to the WDTVLive attached drive(s) via the slingplayer on your laptop?

If you want internet content like HULU or youtube you can already see that on your laptop remotely w/o slingbox.

Think about that one for a sec Billy, using your own example.

OK, you have a slingbox attached to your TV in LA, and you want to watch your local TV in NYC. Why does it have to be on the laptop? Does NYC not have TV’s? Wouldn’t if be nice If you could take along your WDTV which is barely bigger then a portable hdd, hook it up to that hotel room tv, and watch your LA tv on an actual television vs huddled in front of the laptop? That is what he is getting at.

I’m not even sure why you even bring up HULU and Youtube.  He is wanting to watch HIS tv lineup  on ANOTHER TV…not internet content…not internet content slung across the internet a second time via a slingbox, and not watch on a laptop.

I travel A LOT for work and overseas more often then not. I have searched extensively just for this. It would be awsome to watch my regular TV on an actual TV in those foreign places that usually only have CNN Intl and the like in English on TV, instead of watching on a smaller screened more cumbersome laptop.  It’s just not out there, even with hacked firmware. It’s a shame too as Slingbox has their own $250 box that does EXACTLY this (slingcatcher). It would be wonderfull for this much cheaper and smaller WDTV Live to have that capability as well. I know either way, chances are slim to none that it would EVER be officially capable, but would be nice if some of that 3rd party firmware could do it.  A HULU plugin would of been awesome as well for the same purpose…but since HULU uses flash which is pretty cpu intensive, and the shows cant even be accessed in foreign countries to begin with, it doesnt leave much point for it.

Anyhow, I do take my WDTV Live with me on longer trips to at least watch downloaded movies and tv series. Rather then carry portable hard drives, I have 500gb internal drive leaving me with 400+gb of space for video. I simply attach the WDTV to the laptop via ethernet and use the built in connection sharing/bridging in windows and access my content via network share. That setup also gets the WDTV connected to the internet as well for some occaisional youtube viewing on the television.