Can WD Passport Ultra be formatted for Windows 10

New Dell Desktop loaded with Windows 10. I need a backup source. None of the Passport Ultra specifications show Windows 10 format installed. Before I purchase, I would like to know for certain that the external drive is compatible and can be formatted for Windows 10,

Unless you bought a Mac-specific formatted WD drive, your new drive will not require re-formatting for Windows 10 PC use. There is nothing “magical” about Win 10 formatting. A drive formatted for Windows will work on drives formatted on WIndows XP thru Windows 10. Do not format your new drive, there are programs on drive you may likely use. Many people have screwed up a new drive by formatting it right away, because they were “clueless”. All drives like the portable drives are pre-formatted and ready to use as is. Only drives that are not this way are “bare” drives for putting into PCs or drive enclosures.