Can this play media from usb stick?

So, im wondering if i can plug in an usb stick with a video on it, and play it just like that?

Or do i have to stream via internet?

If the video is compatible with the player then yes you can play it from the USB stick. You can also play music and display photos from the stick or attached USB hard drive.

it says that it can play virtually anything so i guess no problem? but is it any better than say a bluray player with USB or a smart tv with USB?

Usually, yes. But of course, it depends on the BD player or TV in question. Just check the specs.

It all depends. 

What container?  What audio is in the file?  There are a lot of variables that affect it.  So far, I’ve had nothing but success playing back all my DVD and Blu Ray ISO files which have AC3 5.1 audio across the board, which are stored on an external HDD.  The only other files I have are unprotected .m4v with AAC 2.0 and they play no problem.