Can this configuration work?

I may have made the wrong choice in purchasing a 24 TB G-SPEED Shuttle Thunderbolt 3, but if I can do the following it should work for me the way I intended.

So, the question is this:

Can I reformat my new 24TB RAID array as individual 6TB drives and have Retrospect Server make redundant backups of all my connected external drives [other than the G-Speed device] and my new 16" MacBook Pro to two of the drives and use the other two bays for active storage using either one of the supplied disk drives and an EV adaptor with a 2TB ssd or two of the 6TB disk drives?

No RAID configuration is considered adequate back up for data and only redundant back ups to multiple media sets stored in separate locations is relatively safe.

Finally where can I find full documentation for the G-SPEED Software Utility?