Can themes/moviesheets be installed on USB hard drive if I have no internal drive?

I have purchased a live hub with no Internal HDD and have read for days. Currently updated with 3.07.14 FW and Downloaded Darklight theme. Wanted to know if anyone has figured out a way to run theme/moviesheets from USB HDD(I have Mybook 1TB)? I mapped the drive but of course only see my mybook in there and no hard drive, isnt there a way to achieve this functionality? I have researched on purchasing a 160GB Blue Scorpio HDD just to get the themes/moviesheets on there. Let me know your thoughts i really didnt want to purchase an internal HDD if i dont need it or can find a cheaper option to fool the Hub to open functionality for Darklight theme on there. Experts, please tell me there might be a way. I know the Hub limits functionality and theme, twonky server is one of those limitations when you have no internal HDD.

What do you mean you purchased a HUB with no internal HDD?  The HUB doesn’t come without a HDD.

That would either be an SMP or you picked up a used one that someone removed the internal HDD.

If it’s the later, then no, you have to have the internal HDD for themes.  If what you have is actually is a SMP then you need to check the SMP forum here:

                                           HUB SMP

  HUB.png                   SMP.png

Purchased a Refurb without HD from Ebay. Market is selling HUB with no HD, just the unit so I am assuming they removed it. It is the hub, which I have to have the internal HD like you confirmed. Looks like Ii have to buy a cheap internal HD hopefully I open it and plug and play, now i have to go find HD Blue Scorpio online. Suggestions from where or a used one off ebay?

Well, first a HUB is not a HUB without the internal HDD.  If you paid more than $50 dollars for it then you probably got ripped because by the time you pay for a HDD for it you could have bought a new one.  You could get a new one from Amazon for $169.00

Second, it has to be a WD drive, but I can’t help you find one, you’re pretty much on your own there.

Ordered HD to solve this.  Thanks T.