Can´t see any folders with vob files?

Hi there !!

I cant see any folders with my movies on, on the WD ? I can see all the divxx movies but thats it.

I can only acces my mediadrive via WD on my computer but not go to the “shared network” on the WD when I try to select it, nothing happens!!

I have WIN 7 64 bit home premium.

On my computer the shared homegroup is activated, and works fine between alle my computers.

But WD cant see all the files ??? were is the BUG ??? (likely me:smileyvery-happy:)




The Homegroup feature of Windows 7 isn’t supported by the WDTV.

You need to use traditional shared folders instead of assigning them to Homegroup shares.

Ok thx…

But no matter what I do… to share the files, I just dont se them om the WD. Still it will not acces the Network shared.

It will only show the media folder ???

Do you have a way to share the folders traditional and a way to “activate” the Network shared on the WD.

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In Win 7 right click on the folder you want to share and choose “Properties”.  Then choose the “Sharing” tab and give it a name.  Under “Advanced Sharing” press the “Add” button and add “Everyone” to the share.  Then go back a screen and make sure that passwords for that share is turned off in the box below (if not, click on the link and turn them off).

After you’ve done all that make sure you “reset your net share logins” in the WD Live settings menu and you should then be able to see those shares.

I had a weird issue with my Live not seeing a shared folder that contained ISO files.

My solution was to place an AVI file in the folder.  Afterwards, the folder started showing up in network shares on the Live and the ISO files would display and play fine.

Might be worth a try.  :)

Thx guys

I´m gonna try it all…

Will return…



Atfer putting a avi file in the folder… It came online on the WD… BUT ONLY THE AVI file not all the other files…

Why ??

I dont get it.

And it wants a password to access the share network… even though I dont use a password… ??? fells wierd …

Anyone ?



If you use “auto login to shares” you won’t see the password screen (it will always ask for a password/user ID whether one is required or not – that’s typical behavior of any situation, even WIndows or a router).

What other files do you have in the folder?  Provide a typical file with the name and codecs.

Hi there

I have the follwing files…





And the 1 avi file…

Will disable the auto share and see…



Those files need to be in a separate folder, I do believe (I don’t play VOB files so I can’t say).  Try putting them in a single folder and call it “Movie” and see if you can then play that folder  (and someone else will have to help you at this point – I’ve got your shares working, but VOB files are out of my expertise).

cool thx…

I tried to disable the password in shared network  ect. but it will not disapearing at all… any clue ??

I dont get it…

I really dont want to convert all my movies to avi or divxx, dont wanna spent all that time…



Hi, I want to know how can I acces to my files in an external hard drive WD my passport.

My computer recognize it but I can’t see the files I have there.

Help me please!!!

p.s. sorry about my english I’m from Mexico

Welcome to the forums.

Do you have this Passport drive plugged into the USB of the WD Live?  If so, does it at least see the folders on that drive?

Or are you trying to see this drive on a network?  If so, you need to use net shares and follow the advice in the FAQ at the top of this forum on how to set up those shares.

Hi mkelley,

I use my wd passport plugged into the USB and I acces to it,  I only see other files but I can’t acces to “other files” when I click on it nothing happen. It’s like when you can’t click there because it’s empty

thank you!!

We may be having a language barrier here.

This is the forum for the WD Live, which is a media player.  You can plug a USB drive into one of the USB slots in it, and then access certain types of files to play.  Is this what you are trying to do?  If so, the files must be of a kind the Live can play, and will have as an ending extension such things as .AVI, or .MKV, or .MP4.  Are the files you are trying to play those kinds of files?  (End with one of those extensions).

Oops I think I’m in the wrong forum :S

I tried to see files that I saved in my external hard drive WD my passport essencial but I also have there music and videos and I can’t see them.

Am I in the wrong forum?


I think this might be the forum you want:

Thank you mkelley  :wink: I’ll go there