Can’t move files on my

So i’m using the internet interface, logged in and able to see files. But When I click on a file it immediately downloads. I don’t have any option to move it or otherwise. The online help says I should see a row of icons. What am I doing wrong?

What device and operating system are you using? Are you the owner and admin of your My Cloud?

So I did some more digging and think I found the answer (which is directly related to your good question). I’m on a Surface, in Chrome. Did some digging and WD Access not supported on Surface (which explains my attempts to install the app). Although I would have thought Chrome would work ok.

And yes, I’m the owner (and admin).

Quick update, I tried the web interface on my wife’s computer and it worked fine. Although it sure would be nice to have a way to move multiple files at once. Am I just missing something?