Can’t access my data on MyCloud Ex2 after Raid 1 rebuild


I‘ve been running into continuous trouble with my MyCloud Ex2 since a few weeks ago.
It started with me being unable to access the online dashboard (even though I was still able to access the files), so I did a 4 second reset, since I couldn’t access the dashboard for a 40 second reset.

That got stuck in a loop that lasted for over a week, at wich point I gave up and pulled the plug, wich I knew was risky, but didn’t see any other option.

After I did a 40 second reset and got my dashboard access back, I god a warning that my raid (RAID 1) was degraded. I would not rebuild my raid with my volume 1 drive.
I took the drive out and tested it extensively using the WD data lifeguard diagnostic tool and ran both the quick and extended Tests, wich both came back with no errors.
I still reformatted the drive and put it back into the MyCloud EX2 to rebuild the RAID1.

Now With the rebuild raid I can’t access any of my data.
I had most of my data in the ‚public‘ share, wich now dawns on me might have been a mistake.
The MyCloud seems to have blocked off access to my data in the old ‚public‘ share and build a new empty ‚public‘ share instead.
The data is still there, I can see how filled the drive is on my dashboard, but I can‘t figure out how to access it.
I saw it briefly via cloud access only for it to tell me ‚file not found‘ when I clicked on it.

Is there anything I can do to access my data, or is it just lost?

Any help is appreciated.

See the dedicated subforum for the EX2 where users more familiar with that device may be able to assist. This subforum (My Cloud) generally discusses a different device, the single bay My Cloud.