Can stream pictures and music from MyBookLiveDuo but not videos

I can stream pictures and play music from my MyBookLiveDuo to my Panasonic  TV and BluRay player but, while I can see all the videos, I cannot stream any of the videos regardless of the format using the Twonky DLNA server (they are all formats shown on the list:  The DNLA server is enabled and both the TV and the BluRay player are recognised and shown as enabled. The MyBookLiveDuo is linked to the TV & BlueRay player with a direct wired connection, i.e. it does not go through my modem / router.  The media files are all stored in the default Public Share folders.

The file starts playing, but either gives a message ‘cannot connect to server’ after which I am dumped back t the TVs home screen or ‘file cannot be played’, in which case pressing on the exit button of the remote brings me back to the list of videos.

All the videos can be can streamed to the BluRay player and TV from my PC using Windows Media Server and played directly on the TV and BluRay player from a USB HD device. 

I contacted WD support before Christmas who advised a factory reset. I have done this, but the problem remains.  There are references in the Knowledge Base and the forums to issues streaming videos either these were resolved by rebooting the MyBookLive or doing a factory reset - neither of which worked for me.

Does anybody have any thoughts on what is causing the problem and how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance,


The my book live duo doesn’t have Twonky. Check if you have the latest firmware installed.

I updated the firmware at the time I did the factory reset over Christmas and rechecked today - reports version MyBookLiveDuo 02.40.06-048 : Core F/W is the latest.

Curious about your comment that the MyBookLiveDuo doesn’t haves Twonky as WD support told me that my problem was probably caused by Twonky not working properly and suggested the factory reset.  

I am not very savvy with media and DLNA servers, but I presume that, if the MyBookLiveDuo is does not use Twonky then media are handled via the activated WD DLNA server.  Since my TV and Blu Ray player and Humax  Foxsat all say that they work with DLNA servers as well as Twonky, this still leaves the question as to why I can stream videos from my PC to the TV, etc, but the same videos refuse to play when I try to stream them from the MyBookLiveDuo.

The problem therefore seems to be either with the MyBookLive DNLA server or an incompatibility between the WD DNLA server and the specification of the media types that my TV etc will accept from a DNLA server.

Does anybody have any thoughts as to what the problem is and what I could do to solve it?



The My Book Live uses Twonky and the My Book Live Duo uses WD Media Server. What video file types are you trying to stream? Check your TV’s manual and verify what file types it will stream via DLNA and be sure to read the fine print.